Serenity View: Poems & Images from the Blue Ridge Mountains



5 STAR RATING                                                                   July 2021

Title: Serenity View Poems & Images from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Author: Dr. Marlene MD

Genre: Poetry - Inspirational

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Review: Reviewed by Daniel D Staats for Readers' Favorite


"If you are tired, it is time to come sit for a spell in your Happy Chair and read Serenity View Poems & Images from the Blue Ridge Mountains by Dr. Marlene. This book is absolutely relaxing.


Dr. Marlene and her husband took a trip to the North Georgia mountains, and she memorialized the trip in poems. Her calming words induced me into a stage of relaxation. She has captured the feel of actually being there. I could close my eyes and see the sights and sounds of nature. I could smell the fresh scents of pine and nature.


This book is a treasure. Apart from the wonderfully inspiring words, Dr. Marlene has included photos of her trip, showing the diversity of the area.


Dr. Marlene has authored a gem in Serenity View Poems & Images from the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Dr. Marlene writes traditionally rhyming poems. The rhymes flow naturally. She has penned a tribute that will burn its way into your heart with a love for North Georgia.


 In today’s pandemic stress, Dr. Marlene draws each reader to a place of serenity."

Up, up, & away... 



I call this "Yard Art". Artwork adding interest and beauty to the environment, in this case, the side of a building. Murals are a favorite addition to the side of many buidlings.  Color and fun is added to this street in Ellijay, Georgia.                                          August 2021

Yard Art, Murals, Weather Vanes, Sculptures ... on the road

Colorful images, lines, waves, messages, and more are found all over the land. We were blessed during our recent road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains to see wonderful yard art.  Many different types from many talented artists. Thank you. It is great appreciated. 

illusions poem.png

Sharing My Toastmaster Journey

My Toastmaster journey started in Coral Springs, several years ago. I found that I was getting tongue-tied in public speaking. I had been encouraged to join by my husband, Gordon , a Toastmaster, for several years. I was not ready until 2016. The hardest part of the journey was deciding to go to Toastmasters. It is a public speaking and leadership club for adults.  It is a fun journey since I set my mind to be on this road. 

Their core values, respect,integrity, service, and excellence are authentic. My journey has been exceptional, especially being President of Sailfish Toastmasters club 2019-2020. 

I am still involved with Toastmasters, being a mentor to one club and active in 2 other clubs. My speech writing has metamorphazied into articles and poems. My public speaking skills can be found in a recent continuing educational program for hearing professionals on HIV/AIDS. 


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Dr. Marlene MD
Lifetime Medical Consulting 
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        Wit and Wisdom

Drive-in Restaurant

Selling Service

"Can you hear me now?" I got poor service. I am grumbling and growling in a not-so-low voice...

Service is related to people connections ...responsibility...innovating...formulating a plan of action.

Merit Badges

Excellence Excels

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good... Excellence in public speaking is excellence in you... My grammarian antennae were activated. I listened to many kinda...sort of...So...So...well.. anyway...from Doctor PhD...

Oil Lamp Offering

Respecting Respect

Respect. Rodney Dangerfield, a stand-up comedian, was a master of the great one-liners..."I don't get no respect!" ...

How exactly does a person get respect? Show respect? Command respect? Be respected? ...

sailfish president award.jpg

Thank you note reads, 

"We appreciate your time, service, and commitment as the 202-2021 Sailfish President. Thank you for your dedication to excellence! 

Sailfish Toastmasters Club"

Dr Marlene MD  (Marlene Wolf, MD)  announces the release of

"Teach Public Health With a Sense of Humor: Why (and How to) Be a Funnier and More Effective Public Health Professor and Laugh All the Way to Your Classroom"

She is the author of "What is your own sense of humor? Can you translate this sense of humor to engage your audience? How to “keep it simply simple”? (Chapter 12)   (October 2021)

by Elizabeth Tait Ph.D. (Author), Gurinder Bains PhD; Marlene Wolf MD (Author) Gulcan Garip PhD; Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky (Author), Satesh Bidaisee EdD (Author), Amar Kanekar PhD; Manoj Sharma PhD (Author), Elizabeth Byland; Alan Dow MD (Author), Kathleen Monahan DSW (Author), Chinmay Shah PhD (Author), Kishor Vaidya PhD (Editor)


Hundreds of insights and funny examples of how you can create humor, deliver humor, and be a likable teacher (and get promoted faster!).

Whether you’re a new Public Health teacher/faculty just starting out or a professor looking to use humor for your next “serious” lecture, this book is for you.

This book is NOT about boring academic theories. Reading it, not only will you learn how to discover practical humor techniques and teaching strategies to dramatically improve your sense of humor, you’ll also have plenty of healthy laughs along the way. This book will help you develop techniques for leveraging humor and take action to improve your teaching immediately today.

It’s never too late to improve your own sense of humor even if you're not all that funny. Take this book as an investment in your professional development. 

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My Poetic Words 

Bizarre buzz.png

The country, full of life, from the smallest bug to a black bear. The sounds in the forest are encompassing, humming, leaves rustling, crickets clicking. The visions are alive with life.

The country life has a special place in my heart and soul.  


The media, look and listen to words, content, pictures, video, live-action, and more. As a Toastmaster for the past few years, I have become keenly aware of word choice and the essence of public speaking. When listening to the media, I am listening to comprehend and have my Toastmaster ears tuned in. The art and science of public speaking is critical.

Attitude poem.png

I love words, witty wordplay, sounds, the alphabet, rhyme, rhythm, fun with words. Not always. I have said that my least favorite subject in high school was English. Now I think differently. Just because it is fun. 

Alliteration acrostic poem about attitude. What does attitude mean to you?


Square Stage

Toastmaster District 109
Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland
Chania Virtual Spring Conference

May 16, 2021

Very insightful.

Learned many lessons from different life situations.

Thank you for sharing your stories and photos. 

Boca-Delray Masonic Lodge #171
Boca Raton, Florida
May 20, 2021

You made public speaking look so easy.

Love your personal stories, each with a special message. 

Thanks again for speaking to the Lodge.

Marble Surface

"Serenity View: Poems & Images of the Blue Ridge Mountains"
Book Review
June 2021

A simple favorite, perhaps bringing out the Harley in me "Hugging a Tree"...vivid reminder of my last solo Harley trip through the Smoky Mountains up to Gatlinburg this past September 

Keyboard and Mouse

I am curious about...

Pardoning the

The President of
the United States every year at
Thanksgiving gives a "pardon" to a turkey. 
How did this tradition start?  
Read more... 



Pumpkins are a fruit of a certain variety of squash. 
They are grown for
human consumption
and livestock feed.
The Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving date back to Celtic and Roman Catholic Roots.  


Autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Is it the start of autumn or of the fall?  

does it mean my mind is full of it?  National Institute of Health (NIH) defines it as paying attention to what is going on this second, living moment to moment. Learn about the health benefits of mindfulness. 

Communicating ...

Performing Ochestra

Tune-up your

Hey, friends, are your instruments tuned up? An instrument as in trombone? As in violin? Maybe a piano? Instruments as in an entire orchestra, with the ability to produce notes and sounds in a wide range of tones.  Upon asking such a question, I saw bulging eyes, a full-face scare stare, and that deer in the headlight look. I continued. The instruments in question are your voicebox...

Smiling Child

Laughter is
Good Medicine

Laughter is best medicine. And I know medicines! I am a retired family physician. Humor and laughter connect, de-escalate tensions, bring the mind and soul to a great place. Humor helps us look at the 3 sides of the coin, the heads- flat, the tails- flat, and the edge - rolling into a good belly laugh.

Health Juices

The Mah Jongg
Zinc Hand

“Let’s play A-Z Vitamins” I bravely chirp to fellow online Mah Jongg junkies. We Facetime when we play.  Vitamin A for eyes, B for energy, C to fight a cold, D for bone health. Stop, I screeched. Too easy. Let’s do the alphabet backwards. Groans.