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Available for purchase at online stores and bookstores. 

Happy Ever After A Pandemic Tale

Happy Ever After: A Pandemic Tale is a children's book. It is available for purchase at online stores and bookstores.  

Happy Ever After: A Pandemic Tale is a children's book that evolved from my short story, The Day the Unicorns Came to Delray Beach. This short story was first runner-up in the Delray Beach Pen to Pandemic Short Story contest, sponsored by the Delray Beach Library, Delray Beach Historical Society, and Delray Beach Writers’ Studio, Delray Beach, Florida, in November 2020.


Happy Ever After: A Pandemic stimulates discussions about the pandemic using animal characters in a whimsical, educational, and fun manner.


Timmy Turtle, Speedy Seagull, and their friends, the unicorns, live on the beach.

The pandemic is here. The beach and town are closed. Can the unicorns help? Follow their adventures to their happy ever after place.

The book has matching illustrations, a glossary, coloring pages, and happy talking points.


"an inventive way to explain the idea of a pandemic to children..."                   Judith Marged, Ed. D., college professor

"The book turned out very well!  Congrats! " A. S. 8-14-22

"I read your book. It's a lovely story and nicely illustrated. I enjoyed it. A.M. 8-11-22

5.0 out of 5 stars Let's very young children know that the Covid-19 Pandemic is serious, but it too shall pass

Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2022

"This charming book, written by a family physician and illustrated by a talented artist, looks at the disruptions of the Covid 19 pandemic from the eyes of animals -- both real (turtles and seagulls) and imaginary (unicorns.) She shows how the animals coped with the challenges but were glad when things came back to normal" A. S. G. 8-15-2022

Celebrating Spoken Word, Poetry, & Storytelling
Edutainment = Educate + Entertainment

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Dr Marlene Wolf Smith (Dr Marlene MD) at The Meridian at Boca Raton presenting Your Heart is Your Home Story on  June 23, 2022, as a Spoken Word Storytelling Program. 

July is National Anti-Boredom Month. No boredom and having fun with my Spoken Word & Storytelling presentations. 


I have combined all of my passions and talents, bringing you Spoken Word Edutainment. 

Edutainment, educate, and entertain.  This was the challenge I accepted to do a Spoken Word poem and storytelling about the Heart and heart disease. The research was very interesting.  The audience at The Meridian agreed I met the challenge. Great edutainment! 

"Your Heart is Your Home Story" is, an original poem about the history of the heart shape, St. Valentine, and the human heart. 

Space Coast Porsche Club of America (PCA)
Zonefest 2022
Memorial Day weekend, May 2022
Melbourne, Florida


My husband, Gordon, and I enjoyed our Memorial Day weekend trip to Melbourne, Florida for Zonefest 2022.

We participated in our first "Gimmick Rally". He was the driver of our Porsche and I was the navigator. We received the "Spirit Award. For these adventures, the poem, "The Gimmick Rally " was created.



Gordon and Marlene received the Gimmick Rally Spirit Award, Space Coast PCA Zonefest 2022 weekend, 

May 2022, Melbourne, Florida

Great time at the American Muscle Car Museum.

We personally met Mark Pieloch, the owner and muscle car collector, and learned about the history of muscle cars from yesteryear to today. 

Mark Pieloch’s lifelong dream
honors the muscle car machine.

Cars of many colors are found,
automobile memorabilia surround.

Mustangs, Porsches, Yenkos, too
A large pink high heel car shoe.



I shared my words at the Banquet and Awards Presentation Dinner on May 29, 2022.


The Gimmick Rally

at Porsche Space Coast.

A drive to enjoy,

said the club’s host.


What is a rally?

What does it mean?

Who is the driver?

Am I part of a team?




"Great poem! "

"Thanks for the laughs!"

Honoring National Children's Awareness Month

Happy. A smile. Happy children make me smile. Babies make me smile. Need to be uplifted? Smile and keep smiling!

An original poem inspired by a collage of pictures of my friend's great-granddaughter.  Thinking about that beautiful baby still makes me smile. 


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Thank you, Buddha, for the smile at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida

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Dr. Marlene MD
Lifetime Medical Consulting 
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Spoken Word is Fun
     Fun with my "edutainment"
    educating & entertaining with a smile!

Doctor's Desk

Your Heart

Your heart is your home, pumping so wise

Amazing organ, a simple surprise. 

Keeping it simple, having some fun. 

Learn from the Doctor, Heart Anatomy 101

Presented on June 23, 2022

The Meridian Senior Living

Boca Raton, Florida

Breakfast Table

Gutsy Gut

The gutsy gut is alive, moving in motion,

noisily growling, a normal situation. 

The gut is full of life, bacteria live here,

healthy and normal, without any fear. 

Digestion occurs from the food galore.

Vitamins and nutrients, the gutsy gut scores.

Apple Orchard

Apple & Apple Tree

If the apple tree could talk to me, 

what would the apple tree say, truly?

Would I listen, not just hear?

Would it bring me joy or a tear? 

In the corner of the orchard, it sees

the other neighboring apple trees. 

Having fun with my happy photos


Hey, tomato, friend of mine

Growing on this plant so fine

Sorry to say, not a vegetable today

For your seeds are inside, at bay

Still delicious to my taste

Hey, tomato, I love you best.


A walk in the park. A stroll on the street.

What do I hear, rumbling by my feet? 

Not in the sky but a plane nearby?

A plane on the ground, soon to fly.

Planes on the streets are quite unique

This fly-in community tickles me pink

Eyes opened wide, with big vrooms

Then up in the sky, planes go zoom. 


All around earth, I see

Pushed, pulled, still dirt to me

Dig a hole in the ground

Soon a swimming pool is found

The trees, birds, and flowers do say,

Leave earth alone, go far away! 

All around earth, I see

Let the dirt be free. Let the dirt be free!


Square Stage

The National League of 
American Pen Women, Inc
Boca Raton Branch
October 2021


 as an associate member in letters...

Celebrating your creativity and expertise.

We are happy to publish your acrostic poem entry titled


Keiser University 
College of Chiropractic Medicine
Student comments 

"Great professor. It was amazing. Very professional and great teacher'

"Always making changes to better suit the present! 

The best teaching style anyone could ever ask for."

Marble Surface

"Serenity View: Poems & Images of the Blue Ridge Mountains"
Book Review
May 2022

"I enjoyed your book. I read it yesterday...during a thunderstorm. You surely have not lost your awe. You inspired me so much that I wrote my first poem. Take care and always enjoy the serenity."

Keyboard and Mouse

I am curious about...

Tomatoes are
a fruit!

Tomatoes are a fruit as the seeds are on the inside! Our crop of cherry and heirloom tomatoes make great soup. With fresh basil, the taste is elevated to spectacular.  

My Limerick dedicated to Snakes

There once was a snake named Kelly
Who slithered all day on her belly
Gave me a fright
This weird sight
Her belly stuck in  gooey jelly! 

The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra is the present exhibit at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. 
What is this and why is it central to Buddhism?  
The mantra explained.

Tumeric tea
Tumeric is from the ginger family. There is tumeric tea, with the main active ingredient of curcumin.  It has a yellow color and can stain the inside of your tea cup.  

My Fun Times & Thoughts

Thank You

 "Thank you"

April 2015…the month and year I retired from clinical medicine

The folder was overflowing with notes and letters. Thank you. I will miss you. Thanks. On and on…Letters and those words, thank you, from patients and families were from my patients of many years. These notes were given to me upon my retirement after over 30 years in family medicine These words are magical. They say that all of these studies and training have been worthwhile. This is my WHY- why I specialized and thrived in Family Practice.

Three Horses

Horses for Anna

For NationaI Children's Awareness Month,  I have written a poem for my friend, Anna.

Anna loves horses,

horses galore.

All the breeds of horses

she does adore.


Anna rides horses,

prancing in time.

With each step,

she feels divine.


Anna feeds horses

in the pasture below.

Oats, barley, and corn

are eaten so slow.


Anna loves horses

for this I know.

In the horse stable

Anna is all aglow.

Ancient Carvings

FAU Business
Mentor Program

Are you a mentor? Have you ever been a mentee or labeled as a protege? 

The answer is yes to all of these questions. We are students, educators, and participants. 

I have the honor of being a mentor in the Florida Atlantic University Business Mentor Program. I listen and discuss the mentee's educational and personal goals. I also ask the mentee about my business projects. I have received excellent feedback and improved my presentations. 

The rewards of being a mentor and mentee are priceless.