The Yesteryear of 2021

Looking back to the 2021 year,

events happened far and near. 

Couldn't foresee the changes,

affecting every one of all ages.

My Toastmaster journey was fulfilled

in October 2021, I was thrilled. 

Appreciating public speaking more

I got my Distinguished Toastmaster DTM award.


In November 2021, happy to say, 

we celebrated Mom's 95th birthday.

Going forward with a great attitude,

as the days were filled with gratitude. 



In my heart, I did know, write, edit, marinate, go slow,

publication December 2021. Another project all  done. 

My chapter title a play on words, is

"The Private Road to Public Health", well-deserved!

humor cover PH.png

In 2021, each person worked to survive

in reality, we each did thrive. 

The message from yesteryear is clear

have confidence to go forth, happy with cheer! 

Grateful for earthly companions... 


Good morning, trees, birds, sunshine, and earth! 

Every morning, I go out to my courtyard and greet the world. I talk to my friends, the orchids, tomato plants, basil, trees, flowers and earth. Every night, I say goodnight. 

I am never lonely with the earth as my companion. 
So it has been for generations. 
This poem is posted so beautifully at Morikami Museum, Delray Beach, Florida. 


Sharing My Smile

A smile. What is a smile? Why smile? A smile is a visible sign of happiness and joy. A smile is not only for the audience but for the person with a smile. 

A smile will show even through a maks, with the contour of the face and the sparkle in the eyes. A smile is relaxing, telling the world, everything is fine. 

A smile is recognition of the good, the peaceful, the positive intent at that moment in time. A smile can be followed by laughter. People laugh about 18 times a day. Most of the time we laugh in groups. Laughter is contagious, a good contagion. 

As I posed with this Buddha at Morikami Museum, I smiled, reflecting the Buddha's smile. My mood was elevated. I giggled when I saw him. I still smile looking at this photo. 

Need to be uplifted? Smile and keep smiling! 


Marlene2 (2).jpg
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        Wit and Wisdom

Hurricane Map

Hurricane Humor

Which TV channel boasts the byline “America’s most trusted TV news network”? Anyone know? The Weather channel! I did not see the Hippy Dippy weatherman, portrayed by comedian George Carlin, last century, on this channel.  

Coastline at Sunset

Sunrise on...

Vacation time and Maine was our destination. What should we do in Maine this August?   We googled this question and consulted our friends. The number one answer - Watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain!


Who is the

George Bernard Shaw was a playwright, author and won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1926.  He understood the importance of written and spoken language.

He is quoted as saying “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”


Thank you, Buddha, for the smile at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida


My orchid family has grown. I have added a Chocolate Orchid. A chocolate orchid, you question wisely with a big eyeball roll. Yes, a Chocolate Orchid.

This is another name for Oncidium Sharry Baby Sweet Fragranceorchid. It is a fragrant orchid, best appreciated in the morning. And yes, you guessed it. It smells like chocolate.  I purchased this beauty at a recent orchid show in Boca Raton, Florida.  

It is a native of Honolulu but seems to be at home in my south Florida courtyard. When I purchased this beauty, I asked anything special. The advice was excellent. It had buds, not open flowers. The seller said to keep it outside until it blossoms. If kept in the air conditioning when it grows from bloom to blossom, the flowers will be dry. Sage advice. 

As I was walking away with my new adoptee, he added, speak to your orchid daily. Sharry Baby will reward your every word. And it did. Thanks, Sharry Baby, you are beautiful and make me smile every day. 


Peaceful Poems from Personal Photos

little leaves.jpg

What have we here, tiny little leaves?

From a trunk with rings of many years,

Sliced so straight, reason unknown.

Nature’s hard work plentiful green

Little leaves reach for the sun, happy to be seen.

anhinga photo.jpg

Anhinga statue with outstretched wings

webbed feet so strong, diving for food,

without any oil on your feathers,

you stay wet until feathers are dried.


Anhinga, anhinga uniquely made, to dive yet another day.


Orange, a wide variety of citrus fruit

Orange from a mix of red and yellow

Orange glow of an ocean sunset

My favorite orange Is orchid orange


Square Stage

Toastmaster District 109
Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland
Chania Virtual Spring Conference

May 16, 2021

Very insightful.

Learned many lessons from different life situations.

Thank you for sharing your stories and photos. 

Boca-Delray Masonic Lodge #171
Boca Raton, Florida
May 20, 2021

You made public speaking look so easy.

Love your personal stories, each with a special message. 

Thanks again for speaking to the Lodge.

Marble Surface

"Serenity View: Poems & Images of the Blue Ridge Mountains"
Book Review
June 2021

A simple favorite, perhaps bringing out the Harley in me "Hugging a Tree"...vivid reminder of my last solo Harley trip through the Smoky Mountains up to Gatlinburg this past September 

Keyboard and Mouse

I am curious about...

The battle of the tomatoes: 
Heirloom versus Cherry

Time to plant a tomato plant. The order for the cherry tomato plant was placed. But home came an heirloom tomato plant. The answer by bon appetit is...

Basil plant

IN 2021, I shared my basil plant with the neighbors and the itinerant iguanas. I must say the iguanas had a feast. 
New basil plant now occupies this pot, same spot, different plant. 
Fresh basil, so good. 

Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra is the present exhibit at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. 
What is this and why is it central to Buddhism?  
The mantra explained.

Green tea
Green tea is chock full of health benefits. I prefer it unsweetened and cold on a hot day in Florida. Hot green tea on a brisky cooler day is sipped in my garden 
It is in the category of brain food, good for yu, head to toe... 

My yesteryears: Fears & cheers

Doctor Checking a Form

My why, those
two words "Thank you"

April 2015…the month and year I retired from clinical medicine

The folder was overflowing with notes and letters. Thank you. I will miss you. Thanks. On and on…Letters and those words, thank you, from patients and families were from my patients of many years. These notes were given to me upon my retirement after over 30 years in family medicine These words are magical. They say that all of these studies and training have been worthwhile. This is my WHY- why I specialized and thrived in Family Practice.

Hotel Lobby

My fear of
public speaking

Fear of Public Speaking, those butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, frozen voice, overall panicky feeling one gets right before speaking publicly. Who has ever had such an experience? This fear of public speaking was the subject of my recent nightmare. Experiencing this nightmare ended my fear of public speaking.  How did this magic happen?


The protege: me

Protégé is defined in the Webster dictionary as one who is protected or trained or whose career is furthered by a person of experience, prominence, or influence.

Looking back on my many years on this earth, since the dinosaurs roamed, I have been a protégé many times, sometimes not by choice as being a student, other times unaware of the protégé status and many times by choice.