My Words: Written and Spoken

  • The Spoken Words: Topics for Speaking Engagement 

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  • Your Heart is Your Home: Heart Anatomy 101

  • The Business of Your Health: Living Will and Health Care Surrogate

  • Move It: Exercise Myths Revealed & Reviewed

  • The How and Why: Your Medication & Health History List



  • Verbal Communication: The HELP Method – Hello Empathy Language Plan

  • KISS: ‘Keep It Simply Simple’ PowerPoint Presentations

  • First Impressions: The 1-3-5-7 Method

  • Public Speaking Tips & Tricks

  • Listen for Success: The Talking Stick

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  • Foods for the Brain & the MIND Diet

  • Healthy Food Plans: The Mediterranean Diet and Beyond

  • Plant-based Proteins Explained

  • Going Gluten-Free, The Easy Way

  • The Health Benefits of Reading Food Labels

  • The Written Word

Image by Arek Adeoye

The Walker

Get your camera, that “Superhero” walker is walking again! How did this happen?

Recently, I commented on a social media post about my home exercise program. ‘Stretch, walk, and walk some more’. I have this walking exercise mastered;

Fried Chicken Wings
Ultraprocessed Foods

Are you an ultra?

“Are you an ultra?” I asked a friend. An ultra?  As in ultra-light, ultrasound, or ultraviolet rays? No, an Ultra as in food. Do you eat ultra-processed food? I got a wide-eyed, blank stare. 

Ultra is the type of word that makes anything sound better, positive, and modern. In the dictionary world, ultra is defined as extreme, on the other side, beyond, fanatical, obsessive...

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Stay Well! Beep!

Beep, Beep...Stay Well!

Beep! My cell phone alarm waking me up. Beep! My espresso machine is starting an early morning conversation, telling me to add water. Beep, my choice of espresso is accepted by this modern marvel. As my first shot of espresso was being brewed with that oh so delicious smell, I hear another beep