Fun, Food, & Nutrition Topics

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  • Apps for Health & Wellness

  • Brain Function: Neuroplasticity Simplified

  • The Intestines & Gut Bacteria

  • Your Heart is Your Home: Heart Anatomy 101

  • The Business of Your Health: Living Will and Health Care Surrogate

  • Move It: Exercise Myths Revealed & Reviewed

  • The How and Why: Your Medication & Health History List



  • Decision Making: Think 1 & Think 2 Systems

  • Non-verbal Communication: Our Body

  • Verbal Communication: The HELP Method – Hello Empathy Language Plan

  • KISS: ‘Keep It Simply Simple’ PowerPoint Presentations

  • First Impressions: The 1-3-5-7-9 Method

  • Public Speaking Tips & Tricks

  • Listen for Success: The Talking Stick

  • Ethics and The Code of Ethics

  • Bias and the Brain

Organic Vegetables


  • Laughter is good medicine.

  • Organic, GMO, Food Categories Explained

  • Deciphering the Pro and Anti Inflammatory Foods We Eat

  • Food, how dense are you (Food Density)

  • Foods for the Brain & the MIND Diet

  • Healthy Food Plans: The Mediterranean Diet and Beyond

  • Plant-based Proteins Explained

  • Going Gluten-Free, The Easy Way

  • The Health Benefits of Reading Food Labels

Yellow Lentils

Losing the legume

Legume. A funny, foodie word, part of the vocabulary of the fabulous, delicious food industry.  It took a lot of practice to have this word easily roll off my tongue without sounding goo-goo gushy.

Merit Badges


Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.   “Excellence” as in excellence in public speaking. Presenting yourself with excellence in public speaking ...

Oil Lamp Offering

How does a person earn respect?

Respect. Rodney Dangerfield, a stand-up comedian, was a master of the great one-liners. He was known for beating himself up, figuratively, on stage by saying “I don’t get no respect”.  Often, he started his jokes with the line “I get no respect"...