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Dr. Marlene was born in Philadelphia, last century.  She grew up and received her education in the city of Philadelphia. 

Her entire adulthood and career are spent in southeast Florida. How did this happen?

She is a middle child, growing up in Northeast Philly. Within walking distance of her childhood home were her elementary school, middle school, and high school.

A large extended family with cousins galore lived near of her childhood home.

From her undergraduate school at the University of Pennsylvania to medical school at The Medical College of Pennsylvania, now Drexel Medical School, Philadelphia was the center of Marlene's education. 


Marlene graduation picture

Northeast High School,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1970

Liberty Bell

Screenshot dad.png

The city of Philadelphia boasts the Liberty Bell. Her father grew up in Philadelphia. He would ding the Liberty bell as he walked to elementary school every day. The Liberty Bell returned his attention by blessing his daughter with liberty. Liberty to push open many doors.

After moving to Florida, she still frequented Philly for family gatherings. With her husband Gordon by her side, they visited the Liberty Bell, a symbol of freedom and liberty. 

Imagine centuries ago, the bell tolling to tell the news. Hear ye, Hear ye! Gather round. Hear the news of the town!


Dr. Marlene and Gordon visiting the Liberty Bell

Philadelphia, circa 2000

Pharmacy Couple

wedding Screenshot 2021-03-25 122124.png

Marlene's parents met while attending pharmacy college, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They both graduated, receiving a pharmacy degree. 

Her Dad graduated in June 1948. As his yearbook was being printed, he was asked if he was sure he was going to marry his betrothed. The answer, yes! The editor was going to put a remark about the upcoming marriage in the yearbook and did not want him to regret it years later.


They married in August 1948. Her Dad started working with his father at Boring Drugstore. Her Mom graduated a year later, in June 1949. Dad put on a cap and gown, to match his wife's attire for her graduation picture. So sweet!


Marlene's Mom graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, June 1949. Dad graduated in 1948 but Dad had to get into the act by putting on a graduation gown and cap.

Pharmacy Roots


Health and healing are integral parts of her life, environmental and genetic. Her paternal grandfather, father, uncle, and mother all have pharmacy degrees. 


Marlene has fond memories of her grandfather's pharmacy. The soda fountain, high bar stools, hand-dipped ice cream, Marlene's favorite food! 

Marlene's parents raised their family and had a pharmacy in Northeast Philly. Another store to roam around in, with greeting cards, candy, and vitamins. Many Hershey chocolate kisses were eaten. A local favorite. 

Years later, her grandchildren asked Marlene where she learned about coins and coin wrappers? How to wrap present?. Many skills including healthcare compassion were learned in the pharmacy.


Marlene's parents in Northwood Drugs, 

Northeast Philadelphia, circa 1973

Family Medicine

white coat dad Screenshot 2021-03-22 181

In the healthcare industry, there were no snow days. A snowy Philly winter sent Dr. Marlene to southeast Florida. 


She established her family medicine practice, Lifetime Family Medicine, in Coral Springs in 1982.  During her over 30 years in private practice, she cared for her patients in multiple settings, outpatient, inpatient, nursing home, and home visits.


She chaired and was active on many hospital committees. She had hospital privileges at Broward Health Coral Springs Medical Center in Coral Springs, Florida Northwest Medical Center in Margate, Florida, and University Hospital and Medical Center, Tamarac, Florida. 

She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family physicians with continued active membership.

Fellow hooding Screenshot 2021-03-21 153

Dr. Marlene was "hooded" and conferred as a 

Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians 1999

Hurricane Andrew 


As a Family Practitioner, she volunteered to assist and educate in the community. August 1992, the category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Andrew, made landfall in Homestead, Florida, just an hour drive south of her office. Broward County Medical Association along with the Salvation Army set up a medical clinic in the storm-torn city.  


The medical clinic, patient triage, and patient care tent needed to be set up. Using her pharmacy experience, she helped set up the pharmacy. 

Wounds cleaned, bandages applied, and medications from antibiotics to diabetic medications were dispensed. The rewards- smiles, thank you, and a big reminder of the reason she chose medicine as a career.  


Broward County Medical Association Salvation Army Medical Clinic Staff identification badge

Hurricane Andrew, August 1992

Cookbook Fundraiser

recipes for life cookbook 2009.png

Dr. Marlene is a firm believer in screening mammograms as part of preventive medicine and wellness. The Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund provided screening mammograms to the local community. She found out that funds were insufficient to achieve this mission.  


So was born a cookbook as a fundraiser, "Recipes for Life", published in 2009. The team from Coral Springs Medical Center coordinated the recipes, ads, marketing, and sales. This fundraiser was a phenomenal success. It revitalized and publicized The Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. The fund continues to support women's health and wellness.   

cookbook dedication page.png

Recipes for Life Cookbook dedication page honoring Dr. Marlene for supporting the fundraiser

Education with a Smile

heart talk Screenshot 2021-03-22 202209.

Dr. Marlene, at heart, is an educator. She enjoys engaging and educating audiences on various topics. She has given professional speeches about patient-physician communication, burn-out in healthcare, and teaching nutrition.

The community topics include heart disease, women's wellness, and nutrition. 

February is Heart Month, to raise awareness of heart disease. Her yearly February talks are about heart disease as she raises funds for The American Heart Association.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Marlene actively participates in different events in October related to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of breast cancer. 

tea fo tatas Screenshot 2021-03-22 20233

Dr. Marlene guest speaker on Breast Health

Theta Phi Alpha Chapter at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Boca Raton, Florida 200- 2014

Delicious & Nutritious


After retiring from clinical medicine in 2015, Dr. Marlene has discovered Culinary Medicine, the combination of the art of food and cooking and the science of nutrition and medicine. 


Dr. Marlene, through the generosity of the Dean, audited the Applied Nutrition Course at the Culinary Arts program, Johnson and Wales University, North Miami, Florida.  Train and car twice a week with classes starting early am. No need to pack snacks as the students and professors dined together on the classwork. Their homemade granola recipe is a stable food in her household.


Dr. Marlene agrees that poor nutrition contributes to many chronic diseases. She often quotes Hippocrates, who said over 2000 years ago, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Research this century has proven his words to be true.  


Applied Nutrition Course classwork, nutritious and delicious, displayed, discussed, tasted, and consumed during class, April 2019

Presentation Skills in 2021-2022

hiv ethics.png

Communication in healthcare is my passion. the precious patient-physician relationship, and the educator-student relationship. I enjoy sharing my medical knowledge with the community. 

Toastmasters, a public speaking and leadership club for adults, entered my life in 2016. My speaking skills have soared in the year 2021 with the assistance of  Toastmasters International. 

As an HIV Prevention Certified Provider, I am the presenter of the continuing education program on HIV/AIDS for Alan Lowell Seminars for hearing healthcare professionals. It is a 2-hour program. The video editing made this a successful project for Alan Lowell Seminar in 2021. 

The year 2022 brought a second project titled "Ethics and Implicit Bias" for Alan Lowell Seminars. 

pic 3.png

Dr. Marlene is the presenter of the HIV/AIDS education program in 2021 and Ethics and Implicit Bias educational program in 2022 for Alan Lowell Seminars, Port Orange, Florida.

"The Good Listening Project" Listener Poet,  Jenny Heland,

spoke to me on March 30, 2021

This physician was passionate about nutrition. “Thirty years in primary care has taught me a lot about life,” she said. “People don’t take seriously what they put into their bodies. You are what you eat!” She told me that seventy percent of all disease was related to diet and nutrition. “It empowers patients to tell them they have control,” she said. She had a personal reason that drove her passion for nutrition as well. Five years ago, she had a brain tumor removed. The tumor was benign, but recovering from the surgery was a challenge. Over the course of a year, she was able to recover with nutrition, exercise for both body and mind (memory challenges), and by consciously focusing her brain to remember and work. “It’s amazing what happens when we put good stuff into our systems. You also have to learn to find the positive in any picture, and keep a sense of humor,” she said.


Education Nutrition




Dr. Marlene MD now

Your Greatest Wealth in Your Health

  • Adjunct Assistant ProfessorKeiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine, West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Teaching nutrition seminar at the graduate school level

  • Freelance writer for TLC Chronicles, quarterly magazine for Keiser University

  • Contributing author of nutrition chapter in a medical textbook, publication in 2021

  • Professional speaker

  • Healthcare consultant


She gives community lectures in-person and online on medical topics with a nutrition twist. 

Dr. Marlene believes, "You are what you eat!" 






It is not what you say, but how you say it! 

  • President, Sailfish Toastmasters 2020-2021

  • Secretary. Sailfish Toastmasters 2021-2022

  • Writer & pundit for the Sunshiner, magazine of Toastmasters District 47 with articles & poems about public speaking

  • Freelance writer of column "Be Well" Deerfield Beach magazine & Lighthouse Point magazine, Florida

  • Author of poetry book, Serenity View: Peoms  Images of the blue Ridge Mountains, published April 2021.


As George Bernard Shaw said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has occurred". 

Home cook


Games & Puzzles



Having more fun in Florida sun...

  • Feeding the family & garden

  • Food and recipe experimentation

  • Harvesting cherry tomatoes & fresh basil from the garden

  • Orchid care and companionship

  • Mah Jongg online & in-person

  • Joy of grandparenting

  • More joy of grandchildren


Keep smiling. Laughter is good medicine.

May your mind, body, and soul stay productive.

Dr. Marlene says, "Have a blessed day!"