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Zip Ode Poem 

The Delray Beach Public Library, Delray Beach, Florida had a poetry contest in honor of Library Week.

Task: write a "Zip Ode" poem. 

Each number in your zip code was the number of words in that line. 


Proud to say my poem was published. I love, love libraries, as in forever. As a young girl, I would roam the library, looking at the books, and

reading a paragraph or two. 

Thank you, Delray Beach Public Library, for sharing my poem with the world. Such an honor!

Zip Ode Delray Beach Library 4-4-2021.png

Zip Ode

Me and Thee

What do you see?

What could it be?


Looking far?

Something near?




Giggling too!


I am just happy to be with thee!

Zip Ode Delray Beach Library 4-4-2021.png

Marlene & Gordon, July 2, 2021

Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins, Georgia


My Pocketbook poem was originally written as an assignment for a course in poetry. The assignment given was to identify an object within your sight and describe it in a poem. To totally understand the assignment, I read and reread the prompt. The benefit was not obvious at first. Once I identified my pocketbook as the item, the words were easier. The last paragragh is out of sync, the line rhytm changed. The 'a' words starting each final line is related to beauty. the contract betweeen beauty and objects described is my statement of these times during the pandemic. Enjoy.

A Door is Ajar        (11-2020)

by Marlene's Mom 

I'm 94 years old

A critter moved in my home

It is always here

Not leaving me alone

It eats and sleeps all the time

That part is just fine

The aches and pains I have

Make me constantly sad

How did it sneak into my life?...

Flower Cake

Door of Opportunity

The door straight ahead,

on the other side.

Is it a challenging philosophy,

or daunting mystery?


Push the door open to

step over the threshold.

Heart racing with excitement or is it fear.

of the journey unknown.

Prance thru the opening,

eyes focused straight ahead, I am

driven by uncontrolled curiosity,

seeking, pondering, wondering alone.


My inner passion

to learn, blossom, create.

Confident, determined, I go thru the

door of opportunity.

Greek Streets


June 2021 was the time that the family visited us at the Bella Vista lodge, Epworth, Georgia. The cabin is in the Blue ridge Mountains. The grandson promptly marched up the stairs to the landing above the main floor. He declared his presence, stating his dream.  I memorialized these moments in the poem, Child's Dream. 

With Love forever,